We represent the next generation of Nordic designers

Dedicated to exceptional craftsmanship and aesthetics, House of Nordic Design is a platform for you to discover innovative pieces for your home or professional projects while simultaneously supporting emerging artists.

Our story

We are bridging the divide between designer and consumer to foster innovation and creativity.

House of Nordic Design was founded in 2023 by Natalia Sánchez to showcase the exceptional talent of a select group of independent designers.

In her 25+ years of experience in the commercial design world, it became clear to Natalia that the imbalance for designers in their input and outtake is not sustainable if we wish to keep seeing exceptional design from future generations. House of Nordic Design was created to change the imbalance, give back to the designers, and in so doing inspire greater creativity and innovation in the design community going forward.

We provide a direct link between designers and their work and clients worldwide. Our aim is to promote and support emerging designers by providing access to a global sales platform as well as our extensive knowledge and insight into the global design market.

Our vision

We exist to provide the next generation of Nordic designers with the means to grow their brand and achieve commercial success in the global marketplace.

The industry today does not favor the designer. Far too often young brands sacrifice creativity and profit to satisfy the demands of the larger corporations. We seek to change that by giving designers the support they need to make a living from their passion.

At our core, our mission is to empower designers by fostering their independence, allowing them to maintain their creative passions within their business. Leveraging our wealth of expertise and network of service providers, we equip designers with the skills and resources to establish and refine their brand and directly connect with engaged customers through our online platform and international sales network.