Ari Prasetya

Expression through play

Born in Melbourne, Australia, based in Copenhagen Denmark, Ari’s fascination of the Art’s, in tandem with how things work led him to express his forms and pieces. With extensive knowledge of multiple material, Ari’s philosophy of no-nonsense with his ‘Expression through play’, inspires him to create his various designs, all with the intention to complement a space with a sense of mood. Therefore he chooses not to label himself within a title.

This loose and disciplined method allows him to express thoughts, notions, and personal ethos through an intuitive approach.

Material and shape play as a foundation, Ari’s work ranges from furniture design, private commissions, expressive sculptural objects, architectural projects, and spatial concepts. His approach and process is predominantly a hands-on, feel and visualization of things intangible before created into a physical form.

Ari Prasetya

I like to push boundaries where I can, so it kind of crosses between furniture and object art. Minimal and simple with an element of quirkiness.